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That’s What Faith Can Do…

I love this song and thought I’d share it.  Perhaps someone needs God’s touch tonight …

Flowers for Mom

Today was a wonderful day.  The doorbell rang and there was the delivery man with a beautiful arrangement of flowers.  The card read, “We hope you like these flowers.  Thanks for being such a great mom.  We love you!!”  Signed by Dan and Al.  Oh yes I did cry!  The flowers are beautiful but the greatest gift is the note from the boys I thought I had lost.  Amen!

New Job, New Me

I started a new job this week at a local nonprofit organization.  I’ve done nonprofit work for a long time – fundraising, event planning, database management, donor relations, etc.  This job is as assistant to the executive director, and I hope it will grow to be something more, but…it’s not quite what I expected it to be.

I accepted the position at a low salary because that’s what today’s economy requires of me right now in my part of the world.  Fine.  I and my boss know that I am overqualified, which is okay too, as we discussed that I could grow from here into a more demanding position. 

What I didn’t expect was the level at which this man would attempt to micro-manage everything I do.  He watches over my shoulder as I open a file folder on my computer, open a document, alter the document, etc.  He reminds me to change the date on a letter, and just told me how to save a file in MSWord.  Um … I’ve been doing this for decades.

It’s a new job, and a new me.  In the past, I might have grinned and bared it until I couldn’t take it anymore, and then quit.  Not now.  I’ve learned some things as the mother of addicts.  I’ve learned about boundaries, thank goodness!  And about who I am and how much I’m capable of and how to speak up for myself. 

So tomorrow morning, my boss and I will have a chat.  He doesn’t know it yet, but we will.  I will be happy, polite, and even insert a bit of humor.  But I will also be firm and clear. 

I learned today that the person before me quit this job because she could not handle what she saw as condescension and insult from this man.  But I also heard she never confronted him about it.  And confrontation is too strong a word for me at this point.  We’ll just have that chat.  And we’ll see how it goes.

So today, I am grateful for this new job, and for the person I’ve become, in part because of what I’ve been through with my children over the past couple of years.  We learn to take the good and leave the rest.  God bless.

Mother’s Day 2011

This Blogger makes a very important point.   If your child is active in their addiction today, this might help you keep perspective:  Mother’s Day 2011.

A Mother’s Day Update

First things first:  I want to wish all you Moms out there a wonderful, restful, peaceful, loving Mother’s Day!  Even when I’m not showing up here on the Blogs, I keep you all in my prayers. 

Update:  Life has been busy, that’s for sure.  And things are looking up these days for my family…

  • DAN is doing GREAT!  Last month I went to visit Colorado, saw the judge, got the restraining order lifted and, for the first time in eight months, got to spend time with Dan.  I gave him so many hugs!  He’s being promoted in his job and planning to apply to college for the fall.  I know that an addict can slip at any time, but I’ve allowed myself to fully accept Dan’s recovery right now.  He looks fantastic,  has a great outlook on life, and is succeeding in all his programs.  It’s amazing how a life can turn around in God’s hands.  Amen.
  • AL has 80 days clean!  He is still looking for work, but he has also managed to stay in his sober living home and manage his life.  He’s had some bumps in the road, but as far as I know they’ve not included using.  I still worry about him a little … but each time we talk my worry lessens.  It almost seems too good to be true that both boys are in recovery mode and staying there.
  • LYNN is starting to open up.  She asked me if she could go to church with me tomorrow — first time since we moved last July!  I’m so happy.  We’ve been getting along better.  And she did really well on her ACT exam for college. 

What else can I say?  I’m working two jobs – which is a little nutsy – but I’m also getting back on my financial feet somewhat.  I’m doing a 13-week program at my church “Financial Peace University.”  It’s time to put that piece of my life in place.  In the meantime, the warm weather is settling in here in South Carolina, and an hour on the beach today did a lot to calm my over-active brain.  Now prayer and sleep, and a new day tomorrow.

God bless your Mother’s Day!