Monthly Archives: July 2010


Just thinking of David Bowie!

Anyway CHANGES are in the works around here.  I’m packing, packing, packing.  It’s always a bigger job than I expect.  Another drawer, another closet … where did all of this stuff come from?

Going to visit Dan tonight at rehab.  He’s doing good so far.  He’s been there two weeks tomorrow.  He does physical work outside on the grounds for eight hours a day, six days a week.  I thought they had NA or AA meetings, but he’s not in that.  He just works, works, works, and goes to Bible study, plays basketball, chess and cards, and sleeps.  He says it’s good.  He has to do this work for three months to prove that he’s serious about the program and then he’ll actually be in “the program.”  Interesting.  I gave him my guitar.  I got scared thinking maybe he’d leave the facility and sell the guitar for drugs.  But he has not.  Hooray.  So combine this two weeks with the nine or so he was in jail — he’s been clean almost three months.  Longest time in a long time. 

In the meantime, I leave in a few days for my new home.  Scary leaving Dan and his brother here.  But they are becoming men.  And I am taking care of my daughter.  Looking forward to the road trip.  My sister is flying out to take that trip.  Three ladies in a car across country should be fun.  If I can just finish cleaning out this house!

Okay…gotta go.  Check in with you all when I’m settled on the east coast!

Long Term Rehab

The opportunity has arised.  Dan’s dad bonded him out of jail yesterday after getting a call from a local, highly reputable nonprofit organization that has a long-term rehab program.  They had a bed available for this morning.  So Dad got Dan out of jail.  Watched over him for 24 hours.  And took him in this morning.

I am hopeful.  I am fearful but I push the fear aside and I am hopeful.  The minimum stay in this program is 18 months.  I think the maximum is three years.  They serve addicts, alcoholics and the chronic homeless.  It is a Biblically based program.  They give rehab, counseling, education and work.  They help the client work their way back into the community.  And if Dan successfully completes the program and graduates, they will provide a health and dental insurance plan for the rest of his life (when he needs it), and they will give him a car.  Wow.  Seems too good.

This morning Dan stopped by.  My mother is visiting from the East Coast and they had a nice talk.  I gave him a big hug, told him I believe in him, and then I broke down.  Couldn’t help it.  The tears just flowed. 

His dad took him to the store for a few things, drove to the center, and dropped him off.  I will go to see him once or twice before the move.  And, of course, pray … long and hard.

One day at a time.  As always.  Keeping it simple.  Typing it here.  Giving it to God. 


The Yard Sale

Seems like a simple, all-American activity — The Yard Sale.  I’m having one this weekend, selling much of what I own to raise money for my move across to the East Coast.  It has not been a simple process for me.

My ADD issues aside (“What do I do with all these items??”), this is an emotional process.  I sort slowly, reminiscing about a book or a set of DVDs or a game I played with my kids when they were little and simple games held their interest. 

I’m closing a chapter of my life, and it’s time to release the “stuff” that I gathered along that path — a good, cleansing process.  But like the cleaning of a wound:  a sting before the pain subsides.

A yard sale on 4th of July weekend.  God Bless the USA!  ~Kay