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The Addict’s Choice

Yes, it’s one day at a time. And I gave much thanks yesterday, when Al called me and said, “I want to detox and get clean!”

I’m far away, but I helped by getting him a few phone numbers and encouraging him to call his dad. His dad agreed to drive him to wherever he wanted to go, but told him that he (Al) had to make the calls and decide where he would be going.

His first choice (the rehab he went through in December) was full, and his second choice didn’t find him eligible for their particular program. His third choice was a publicly funded detox center. Not the nicest place, but he chose it anyway. To me, that was a good sign.

He called and said, “I’m entering the facility, and I love you.” One day at a time. This was a good one!


I came back from rehab family weekend excited to jump right in to Al-Anon.  But I can see how easy it would be for me to dismiss it.  I’m busy.  You know how that goes.  And I think I’m tempted to slip back into denial.  “I don’t have a heroin addict in my house if no one in my house is using heroin.”  This is the lie my brain wants to adopt.  The temptation to roll with that theory is very strong.  I better get my butt to a meeting before this week is done. 

If you are out there reading this…if you are an Al-Anon person…did it take you awhile to get plugged in and add this to your schedule?  I wish someone would call me and say “come on, we’re going!”  Argh.