Monthly Archives: August 2012

Who am I?

Do you ever feel like addiction has taken over your identity? I know some of you get this. You don’t have to be the person taking the drugs to find yourself a victim of this sneaky identity theft.

I don’t come by here as often as I used to; and sometimes I feel selfish for staying away.  Sure, I started this blog in part for myself, but more in the hopes that my sharing would help others. And now I’m staying away – because, at least in part, I’m protecting my identity. This blog has inadvertently preserved some intense emotional memory for me.  Frankly, I don’t want to remember those feelings most of the time.

My boys are doing well right now, although we all know that could change on any day. But while they’re clean, I find myself snatching back pieces of my identity as often as possible, and pushing away this one part of who I am – and always will be.

Who am I now?  Where will life take me next?  No idea – or way too many ideas.  For now, I’m just One Mom Talking. God bless you all!