The Yard Sale

Seems like a simple, all-American activity — The Yard Sale.  I’m having one this weekend, selling much of what I own to raise money for my move across to the East Coast.  It has not been a simple process for me.

My ADD issues aside (“What do I do with all these items??”), this is an emotional process.  I sort slowly, reminiscing about a book or a set of DVDs or a game I played with my kids when they were little and simple games held their interest. 

I’m closing a chapter of my life, and it’s time to release the “stuff” that I gathered along that path — a good, cleansing process.  But like the cleaning of a wound:  a sting before the pain subsides.

A yard sale on 4th of July weekend.  God Bless the USA!  ~Kay

4 responses to “The Yard Sale

  1. I hope the sale went well. I can imagine the emotions attached to each item. Thanks for posting an update. Keeping you and Dan in my prayers!

  2. Moving and letting go of old items can be bittersweet…but I do believe this move will be really good for you and your daughter.

  3. Change is scary. Moving to a new place and letting go of things that remind you of where you have been is like loosing a piece of who you are. Embracing the present and looking towards the future is hard without wanting to hold tightly to the past. Just remember all the shakiness you feel is normal.One of the big things of letting go of anything, including an addiction, is the loss of the security that comes with the familiar.

  4. Kay – you are very much in my thoughts. What a courageous move you’re making. I applaud you for trusting your intuition and taking this huge step for a better, happier, more connected life. You’ll make it. And I encourage you to try to find a counselor for your daughter. She’s been traumatized by addiction also, with fewer tools with which to cope. Establishing a relationship with a professional or trusted adult, other than her parents, could be the safety net she needs at some point. Stay in touch. Peggy

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