Just thinking of David Bowie!

Anyway CHANGES are in the works around here.  I’m packing, packing, packing.  It’s always a bigger job than I expect.  Another drawer, another closet … where did all of this stuff come from?

Going to visit Dan tonight at rehab.  He’s doing good so far.  He’s been there two weeks tomorrow.  He does physical work outside on the grounds for eight hours a day, six days a week.  I thought they had NA or AA meetings, but he’s not in that.  He just works, works, works, and goes to Bible study, plays basketball, chess and cards, and sleeps.  He says it’s good.  He has to do this work for three months to prove that he’s serious about the program and then he’ll actually be in “the program.”  Interesting.  I gave him my guitar.  I got scared thinking maybe he’d leave the facility and sell the guitar for drugs.  But he has not.  Hooray.  So combine this two weeks with the nine or so he was in jail — he’s been clean almost three months.  Longest time in a long time. 

In the meantime, I leave in a few days for my new home.  Scary leaving Dan and his brother here.  But they are becoming men.  And I am taking care of my daughter.  Looking forward to the road trip.  My sister is flying out to take that trip.  Three ladies in a car across country should be fun.  If I can just finish cleaning out this house!

Okay…gotta go.  Check in with you all when I’m settled on the east coast!

6 responses to “Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes

  1. wishing you the best in your new endeavour!!

  2. Good luck to you and safe travels. We look forward to hearing from you when you get settled. Enjoy your trip!

  3. Glad to hear Dan is settling in well at the center.
    Have a safe trip!
    Gd bless.

  4. Hope your trip is going well and praying for safety for the three of you ladies! Hope the settling in goes well and you start to feel right at home soon!

  5. Safe and Happy travels!!

  6. WOW! Lots of changes, indeed. I haven’t checked in with you for a while. So happy to hear the good news about Dan. This rehab program sounds amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of such a long-term program. Is it affiliated with some church?
    Moving so far away to be closer to family and focus on your daughter sounds like a great idea. Hope everything goes smoothly and you get a break from the constant drama and demands that addicts seem to generate. Let us know when you’re settled – – – and how Dan is doing. Haven’t caught up on your other son. Hope he’s ok. Be well. Peggy

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