Government, Crime, Heroin…

Take a look at this story:   If a government gives heroin addicts drugs for free, there is less crime.  Sometimes the ends don’t justify the means.  Wouldn’t the money be better spent on recovery programs?  Should the government take the roll of feeding addictions?

4 responses to “Government, Crime, Heroin…

  1. I could be ok with a government program that is re-hab focused, helps addicts reduce intake (even if that means allowing some level of usage for a set period of time), and includes helping them get back into the workforce.

    From what I read about this particular program, it sounds as if the government is just handing out heroin. For some, like the man highlighted, that might work. For many, I am skeptical given how debilitating addiction is.

    • I agree — I could be ok with a government program with a rehab focus too. The more I learn about the physiology of addiction, the more want that.

  2. This has been a great topic lately.. I saw an episode of National Geographic that focused on a program in Sweden(I think). In this program there was a “rehab” facility that addicts could go to and get real heroin, a syringe, and other necessary items in order to shoot up. Then there was a row of personal stools and little tables that hung off the wall. Each addict could pick a seat and shoot up in front of a registered addiction specialist. What they found out was, a overall positive result. Crime dropped and more users started checking into rehab as a result of talking to the professional while shooting up! As a 15 year Heroin/Cocaine addict in recovery, I think that this is by far the best way to get an out of control area back to a more normal situation, not to mention helping countless people!!
    If you know anyone that needs help please visit Getting Help

    • Interesting. I was not a fan of these types of programs when this all first came down in my family. But I guess I can see the benefit. I’ll be sure to check out your blog soon. Thanks for reading here!

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