Other Stories

My daughter is doing great in school and on her sports team.  She’s been bumped up a level in her sport and she’s so excited!  I wanted to post this because it’s one way for me to acknowledge publicly that there is more going on in my family than drug recovery.

2 responses to “Other Stories

  1. Yes, we need to balance our focus and attention by celebrating what is going well in the family and with other siblings. My younger son has helped restore my faith in myself as a parent. I’m hoping that this is not too great a burden on him. My daughter’s addictions have almost completely eroded my self esteem as a mother. How did I fail her?

    • Peg, I am glad you have your son to relate to and that your relationship with him is healthy and strong.

      To ask “how did I fail her” is certainly something we parents of addicts all go through. But I expect you know about the genetic, physiological component of addiction. So you know…the first time she did drugs was her decision, but after that, the disease takes over and you could do and not do anything…it might not have mattered. It’s a helpless feeling. But the “animal brain” takes over — that part of the brain that just craves the drug and all other things are blocked out.

      It’s sad. I know. And there are not many answers for us sometimes.

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