Alateen and Questions of Faith

Dan came home yesterday.  I am happy to have him here.  He is, right now, excited about staying with his program.  He has an added incentive — staying out of jail.  He has felony drug-related charges pending which will likely be deferred if he stays clean.  But I believe he wants to do it for himself, and to help some of the other young people in this area–set a good example. 

But the original Prodigal Son had a brother, didn’t he?  And that brother wasn’t thrilled that dad killed the calf and had a celebration upon the brother’s return.  Well, this son has a sister, Cathy, who is so angry about her brother coming home.  She does not admit fear (fear that her brother will relapse and, sooner than later, kill himself with that needle).  But she does  confess anger and a real and growing doubt about God’s existence, or at least about God’s goodness.  She asked me some tough questions.  And my answers, which usually make sense to adults, did not do much for Catherine. 

I have suggested Alateen; she refuses to go.  She doesn’t see why she should have to make any effort to find a solution to something that she did not start.  So she’s holding on to her anger right now, like an anchor.  A heavy anchor. 

Is there anyone out there who can give me info about Alateen and how to get this lovely, stubborn 15 y.o. to go?   Any suggestions about how to talk to her about God in the midst of trouble?  I’ve been a leader of adults in their search for faith, but I’m floundering with my own daughter!

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