Change Your Mind

I have been feeding fear, but no more!  I am reclaiming my Spiritual Inheritance.  Please join me. 

In Christian-speak, living in fear is “sin” — meaning you cannot live in fear and experience your full connection to God at the same time.   A beautiful angel came to me yesterday (in the guise of an office worker) reminded me of this, and prayed for me under completely unexpected circumstances. 

So if you need to “change your mind” like I do, let’s get started!  And remember, the Fruit of the Spirit is: Love, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, and Self-Control.  For these, there is no law (since they themselves become the law).  Choose LOVE!

One response to “Change Your Mind

  1. thanks for the post.
    Staying sober and sane is really about being able to turn things around in your mind. If there is fear you need to look at it and ask yourself…what it is all about. Why are you fearful? The answers do come if you have your house in order.

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