Family Night?

Yes, this turned out to be a family night — but not the playing-games-around-the-table kind.  

My daughter took a fall today.  She lost her key and couldn’t get in the house after school.  So she tried to climb in the bathroom window.  Unfortunately, she lost her balance and fell, hip first, into the bathtub.  She did not call me, but rather sat in miserable pain until I got home from work, three hours later.

In the end, my daughter, my ex-husband and I spent five hours in the ER.  Meanwhile, my 17 y.o. son (Al) has developed anxiety about being home alone.  So my oldest (the addict) invited Al over to their dad’s and they kept each other company.  This is a good thing!

Cathy does not have a fracture, but rather a hip contusion.  The doc said she will be sore for a week to ten days, and should stay home from school tomorrow and Friday, on the couch to rest it. 

So that was our family night.  And now it’s 12:26AM.  Hopefully I will get to sleep soon.  Goodnight All (or “Good Morning”)!

One response to “Family Night?

  1. What a great thing for your son to do. Hope your daughter mends quickly. Thoughts are with you as always.

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