Thank God!

Oh yes, I mean this literally and figuratively.  Not meaning to take His name in vein or anything but My Son Dan Starts Training For His New Job Today and all I can say is “THANK GOD!!”   Seriously, I am truly grateful.  This is an important step for my son in his recovery.  It will (a) give him something to do with his days, (b) provide him with money so he can do other things he’s interested in and/or go back to school, (c) build his self-esteem as he succeeds in his tasks.  It’s a starter job, no doubt  —  that’s just fine.  He was afraid that he would not be hired since he is dealing with some legal issues.  But apparently he passed his drug test (YAY) and now he is employed!

And while I’m on the subject of thankfulness, if you’re ever feeling down, just do a google search for “Thankful” — either a site search or images.  There are many blogs and websites dedicated to gratitude and they are all quite cheery.

7 responses to “Thank God!

  1. It seems you are one step closer to realizing your dream also!

  2. Doing a happy dance with you!

    God is good!


  3. AWESOME NEWS! I hope, hope, hope the same for my son!

  4. Hope he’s loving the job and the benefits that come from working! not just the money, but the self-esteem from an honest effort, etc! Yay!

    • onemomtalking

      HerBigSad: So sorry — didn’t realize that this was pending approval all this time! Thanks for your thoughts. Hope you are doing ok. Will check your blog. Update for onemomtalking on its way. God Bless!

  5. Well I would like to congratulate your son for finding employment in recovery and you for being so excited for him. It is so scary for a mom to have an addicted child. I imagine it produces the most helpless feelings that probably don’t go away until recovery has begun. Well it sounds like your son is on the right path. Employment is a very big deal to anyone’s self -esteem, but for an addict it is even more crucial. I wish you and your son continued success.

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