Unfortunate Events

With Dan, it’s been a series of unfortunate events lately.  He used a second time since rehab, and he got back to recovery after.  That’s twice.  But then yesterday, he was in a car accident.  It wasn’t his fault; some guy ran a red light.  And then today, I guess his car was such a wreck already … then the accident …. today he was driving down the highway and the hood just fell off his car!  Then he found out he was overdrawn at the bank.  And then he got fired from his job.  The good news is that amidst all of that, he did not use.  But I worry that he will tomorrow or the next day.  He sees no hope.  His eyes looked so vacant. 

I’m going to sleep now.  But I sure wish I had some real hope to give him.

8 responses to “Unfortunate Events

  1. I think the hope is that he didn’t use in the midst of all that. I will be praying.

  2. I’m so sorry he’s going through all this. The hope is that he didn’t use today. Keep encouraging him, I think sometimes that vacant look is saying “I need help but don’t know how to help myself”.

  3. So sorry. I am so glad he didn’t use. As long as he didnt use he is staying on the right track. I will continue to pray for him.

  4. Glad he didn’t use and things really will get better. Is there anything that he really enjoys doing that can get him out of himself? I think sometimes it takes a passion to replace one. Worked for my son a few years ago with working out and body building. Just a thought. Have a good weekend and hang in there!

  5. Where there’s breath, there’s hope. He didn’t use. That’s awesome! Praise Jesus.

    We’ll be praying!


  6. I agree with everyone. He had every reason to use in the last two days from an addicts point of view and didn’t. That is what HOPE is made of. We need to encourage and take hope in a “one day at a time” attitude. I will keep him and you in my prayers.

  7. God knows Dan is there. It’s a testimony he didn’t use with all that happened. In reading this a song lyric came to my mind, the band is Kutles, the song “What Faith can do”:
    I’ve seen dreams that move the mountains
    Hope that doesn’t ever end
    Even when the sky is falling
    I’ve seen miracles just happen
    Silent prayers get answered
    Broken hearts become brand new
    That’s what faith can do

    Keeping Dan in my prayers. God bless.

  8. Stand beside him. Bad things happen to people that have no addiction in their life. We support them and lend a shoulder without a second thought. Our addicts deserve the same consideration. It’s just they have an additional hurdle too.

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