Happy Birthday, Danny

Dan turned 20 yesterday.  See how this cake is a little wobbly?  It’s an appropriate image for how we all felt yesterday — Dan included.  We all planned to go out to dinner — his father, brother, sister and I, plus Dan and his girlfriend.  We planned to leave at 7PM.  Dan went out at 2:00 with a friend.  tick.  tick.  tick.  Seven o’clock and no Dan.  7:15.  At 7:20 he comes in the door.  No explanation.  A mumbled “sorry.”  His sister had already given up and gone out with her friends, and his girlfriend wasn’t with him.  So four of us went.  Awkward. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am, in my deepest heart, thankful for another birthday.  But seeing the tracks on his arms … it was hard to feel any mood of celebration. 

Heppy Birthday, Danny my boy.

6 responses to “Happy Birthday, Danny

  1. well. shit. he knows a few things. his family still thinks of him. his family still loves him.

    you know he is still alive.

    hang on to those. i know they aren’t much, but they are something anyway.


  2. Hey, he came home and you got to celebrate together. It wasn’t perfect, but it wax a WHOLE lot better than I suspect it’s been in the past. Lot to be grateful for!

  3. Kay – – – we definitely adjust our expectations, don’t we? I’m so happy that Danny did get back home and you were able to ‘celebrate’ his BIRTH DAY. It IS something to hang on to – that he is still in your life, though not as you might wish it to be. I admire your positive spirit and resolve to be grateful for what you do have with Dan. Hayley’s birthday is April 6th and I’m already a bit of an emotional wreck as the day approaches. I think I’m going to call her drug dealer and ask to speak to her when the time comes. Yes – we learn to adjust to what is and make the best of it. Love and support to you. I will always remember you as my very first blog friend. XXOO, Peggy

    • Peg, You were my first blog friend as well. And I am seeing you as one of the strongest people I know (even if you don’t feel like that). Thanks for showing up here! Big hugs back to ya! p.s. I’ll be sending prayers on Hayley’s birthday. Big…deep…breath…

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