Takin’ it to the streets…

Some of you have been living with this already, I know.  Last night Dan’s dad had to let him go to the streets.  We discovered he has taken things from our homes to pawn to get drug money.  We drew that boundary awhile ago — steal from us and you’re out.  So he’s  out.  I guess I can be thankful the snow is gone and we’re having warm weather.  Last time we kicked him out he lived in his car.  But now he has no car…and no phone.  So he’s out there somewhere.  Takin’ it to the streets. 

p.s. This Sunday, Easter Day, will be one year since that first phone call from the police — the first time I heard the word “heroin” in connection to my boy.  Interesting timing.

Prayers to all.  And much love.  And God’s blessings in whatever form they need to take to let you know that we are not alone.  XOXO

14 responses to “Takin’ it to the streets…

  1. I am so sorry to hear about Dan. I can relate to your situation. A couple of days ago, my daughter let me know that she was accepted into a homeless shelter. This is a heartbreaking disease. My prayers to you both.

  2. I hope and pray this will Dan’s awakening! I pray for your peace!

  3. My gosh. My heart goes out to you. Even while you are dealing with this you have the compassion to send prayers, love & blessings to us reading your post. Well, I want to send the same to you.
    I will continue to pray for Dan.
    love & (((hugs)))

  4. Hugs to you. Hope you can feel it. I am so sorry that this has happened but if he isn’t going to accept and be a part of his recovery it isn’t going to work. I will continue to pray for him that he comes to the realization and asks for help. I will continue to pray for you also that you will find your way through this disease your son has.

  5. It is a life like this that remind me of how very small my problems really are. Bless you too.

  6. What a testiment to your own self care, wishing us all peace in the midst of your own discomfort. I will continue to pray for Dan and your family. I do know that addicts are very resiliant and often figure out ways to stay sheltered. I also hope this is it for him and he works toward healing.

  7. Not an easy thing to do, but it sounds like you had to do it. Just take care of yourself and hope that this helps create the bottom to get your son serious about his addiction. As you know, if he doesn’t want it for himself, nothing else really matters. Take care.

  8. I’ve heard it said before that addicts have “extra” guardian angels watching out for them. God knows they need the extra help. I am amazed at how many young people survive on the streets; and I hope it is part of God’s Grand Plan for them to learn first hand what “hard” is, so that they will come willingly into a world of rehabilitation, detox and staying clean and moving forward with their life. You are an amazing woman and my heart goes out to you. You, your family and Dan will remain in my prayers.

  9. I’m so sorry to hear this about Dan. I’ve heard so many times that addicts are resilient and able to get by pretty well. You are a loving mother and this is not easy…but hopefully it will be a motivation to him. I am thinking and praying for all of you.

  10. Helga Culbert

    My heart goes out to you. My daughter’s husband’s parents had to do the same thing. He was trying to figure out where to go from there. He went to high school with my daughter and remembered her. He called up her dad who gave him her phone number and everything went down hill from there. Now they are married, using and dealing and parenting two little ones. Hopefully we will all find some peace this Easter.

  11. I’m praying. This is so hard. You were wise to have and stick to a predetermined boundary. Hopefully this will be when Dan decides he doesn’t want to live like this any more and is motivated to reach out for help! Wishing you much peace and a weekend where you are able to take special care of you.

  12. Oh, Kay. This must be so difficult for you. Addicts are amazingly resourceful. Perhaps living in the streets is something Dan needs to do. It sounds so impossible to be a heroin addict that I’ve always thought, if they can be a heroin addict, they’re capable of doing or becoming anything! Take comfort in family and your friends this Easter weekend. We all feel your pain, and anxiety, and helplessness. And Easter, and spring bring new hope. So – – – I will be hoping for Dan this weekend – – – extra hard. Best to you.

  13. I am hoping your Easter was peaceful and you were able to enjoy as best you can. Thinking of you. I am blessed at this time because my daughter really is recovering and involved in her recovery. I wish the same for Dan.

    • Thanks Renee. I am so grateful that your daughter is still doing well! That is a great blessing! My Easter was nice, although with some sad moments. We missed Dan greatly. Don’t know where he is, although his brother has heard that he’s been around the neighborhood. More and more of his friends are turning away because he has stolen from them or lied to them in order to get money. Sad. Still, God can help the wandering soul. We continue to pray.

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