The Write Type?

I was trying to get clever with my title but this is the best I came up with.

This entry is not about Dan.  There is a lot to say about him.  Our roller coaster has been on its track and in motion lately, for sure.  But I have a different ponderance today.

You know there are just so many hours in a day.  And so much to do.  I like coming here and telling the story where it can benefit others, and where I also receive support from you all — this is a wonderful medium.  But … I really want to WRITE.  I don’t mean “write” as in create a string of words, generally.  I mean WRITE as in hold a pen in my hand and put ink to the page.  It’s a different process — writing — than typing is.  There’s just something intimate about it for me.  And I want to go back to my daily journaling.  But then, I might show up here even less than I do now.

This is not really some big problem or anything.  Just what I’m thinking about today.  And so if I’m gone again for awhile, it might just be because I’m writing.   And that’s a good thing.

More on Dan soon though.  Today he’s in a local rehab place doing ok.  Today.  Amen.

Hope you’re all doing well.  I will visit your blogs this weekend and check up on your lives.  God bless

8 responses to “The Write Type?

  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean by writing vs. typing. I am a life-long journaler but got tendinitis (from writing) so it hurts now. I love the interaction of a blog but nothing beats the private, real, rawness of a journal.

  2. In the group I use to go to regularly (not as much the last three months), they gave us assigments to write…and they always said they needed to be hand-written, not typed. There is emotion that pours through your hand and a pen, in a way that is different than on a keyboard. You do what you need and want to do. Work towards your own strength and happiness.

    • onemomtalking

      I heard somewhere that it is very hard — perhaps impossible — to lie to yourself when you are writing by hand. Thanks for your support, Lisa!

  3. I too am a huge journaler. I know exactly what you mean. When I am writing, pen to paper, it is like I am pouring out my heart to God. It is intimate. So many of my prayers have been through journaling, and so much inspiration and revelation has come the same way. Like Barbara, I have a physical issue now with writing; I have carpal tunnel syndrome. For some reason, it doesn’t act up when I type, but my hand goes numb if I write for too long, and it burns and aches. I miss journaling. I still do it, but it is more limited.

    You should do whatever you need to do, and we’ll bless you in it! If you can, stay in touch occasionally and let us know how you are. Whether or not we hear from you, you will be in our prayers.

    Hugs and love,

  4. I agree with you about writing. Since reading Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way” 1 1/2 years ago, I’ve started each day with Morning Pages and find it to be enormously helpful, both in getting things out and in better organizing my thoughts. For me, it really is much more intimate than trying to do the same thing at a keyboard.

    • onemomtalking

      Greg, fabulous! I did the Artist’s Way a decade ago — changed my life! I still have about 2 years’ worth of MP journals from those days. That’s exactly where I’m going with this. Want to get back into that habit. Maybe Morning Pages for journaling and blog entries in the evening a couple of times a week. Maybe I just need a bit of a writing schedule.

      Thanks for being here!

  5. Having just (hand) written out my 4th step for Al-Anon – all these years of computer, I forgot how easily my hand gets tired holding a pen now! Ah, technology!
    Totally understand if you’re on hear less, just know you, Dan and the family remain in my prayers.
    God bless.

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