Dan’s Sentencing

    Today is Dan’s day in court and this is how I’m feeling about it!  Ha!  Yes, just a little intimidated!  Right now, as I type this, he is having his sentencing hearing.  And I feel so bad that I’m not there.  I know that it’s okay that I’m not there.  I know that my absence from that courtroom is significant because it emphasizes the results of his drug use.  It demonstrates that there are losses to him as a result of his behavior; not just through the court system … but personal, family losses … like not having his mother show up in court.

I have been there for all of his other court hearings.  I always wanted him to be able to look out and see my face — know that I was loving and supporting him.  This time, he’ll have to know it somewhere in his heart. 

But I still feel sad, and a little scared and, well, you all know what I mean.  I feel like inventing a new set of words to describe the emotional storms we experience as parents of addicts.  So, anyway, I’ll report in when I find out the results. 

Your friend,

5 responses to “Dan’s Sentencing

  1. Love that picture! Perfect! Praying for you and understanding how you must be feeling.


  2. My heart is with you. He knows you are there. They have to have some consequences or they will never get it. Thinking about you and Dan.

  3. “Emotional storms” that about sums it up! Praying for you and Dan. Keep us posted on how he is (and you are) doing. God bless.

  4. uOh, Kay. just read this update about Dan’s sentencing. I know that it was well over a month ago, but still wanted you to know that I feel your pain! My daughter has a court hearing on Friday, October 29th. She’s been clean and sober now for almost 6 months and lives in southern California. She’ll be flying up here (WA state) for the hearing (which I’m paying for, of course :-!) and will most likely need to spend 2 – 3 days in jail for probation violation a year ago. It’s scary, but she says she can do it – and, of course, there’s little choice. I’ve gone to court FOR her the last 6 months, since she’s been out of state and in treatment. But the judge’s patience has worn thin and now Hayley needs to face the music. I think that your choice to not go to court with Dan was a good one. Why not try that? You know what AA says: The definition of insanity is, doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results. Hang in there, Mom. Peggy

    • Peg, send me the link to your blog please, i don’t think you’re on my list! I’m am sooo glad to hear that Hayley is doing well! Does my heart good. I need to post an update on Dan — he is doing GREAT! Drop me an email sometime, don’t know if I have your contact info any more. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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