Nerves and Tissues

Check out this photo of nerve tissue.  Ugly, huh?  When my nerves take over, this is kind of how I feel though.  Dark, messy, disconnected and all mixed up. Do you feel like that sometimes?  Like this is what’s going on inside your brain?  Or inside your family?  Or maybe even your whole life? 

I’ve been going to Alanon, and I’ve been excited that my son is coming to visit, and yet both of those things have triggered in me – for whatever reason – a nervousness that I can’t seem to avoid.  This new attack of nerves, seemingly out of nowhere, is accompanied by random bursts of tears as well.  Hence, I’m “Nerves and Tissues” inside and out.

Oh … and aside from parent-of-addict issues, I’ve taken a new step.  I’ve secured my real estate license and joined a local broker.  In a week I’ll be done with sales training and then there I’ll be – ready to step into a new career that I’ve been dreaming about for many years.  I’m excited … and NERVOUS!  And yet it seems appropriate to take this new start and use it to begin a dream.

So here I am, nerves and tissues, jitters and tears.  Living one day at a time.  Keeping up the good fight.  God bless you all!

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