The Ongoing Story

Update on the family:

  • Al is either out on the street or in jail. Stole from his dad and his brother and took off. It was nice to have him back for awhile but so sad to watch him fall. Prayers for him please. Jail would be a saving grace for him right now.
  • Dan is still doing well – probably close to 120 days clean out of jail. But he’s experiencing intense cravings. The old-timers in his groups tell him this is normal, that he just needs to push through them, which he is doing. He’s doing great at work and they are going to send him to management training! Praises for the miracles in his life!
  • Lynn is up and down with her moods and anxiety. Part being a 16 year old girl, part living with the strain of heroin-addicted brothers. But she’s doing well in school and is relatively polite to me these days, so I’ll take it!
  • Mike, the kids’ dad, is really stepping up to the plate. Have to give him credit. He has started a new Naranon group (right now there’s only one in their area). I’m so grateful for this.
  • Me – I’m really doing ok. Surrounded by wonderful community in my church and here and my supportive family, and the strength of an omnipotent God. Amen!

That’s the update. More to come I’m sure. One mom talking. God bless.

6 responses to “The Ongoing Story

  1. you sound like you are in a good place, and I know what you mean about the daughter! My oldest grand is ONLY 11 1/2 but she is in 7th grade with ALL the ATTITUDE, ALL the MOUTH, and keeps calling me DUDE !!!

    Jury is out as to whether or not she makes it till her 12th birthday LOL.

  2. You and your level of faith are such an inspiration to me…I want what you have! 🙂 I am sorry to hear about your youngest son and his current trials and I’m praying that your daughter weathers the storm and comes out the other side a strong and happy young woman…these are such difficult years! My prayers are with you and your children!! My daughter still slips on occassion and calls me dude too! Then she’ll catch herself and say, Oops, my bad, sorry, didn’t mean to call you dude!! Ha Ha!!

    • Wow – “I want what you have” is the biggest compliment you can give. (And when she’s mad, “Dude” would be a lot better than some of the things she calls me! lol!).
      One thing I realized is that the life issues that first brought me to Jesus are now faded memories which invoke little emotional memory in me at all. this is a miracle.
      These things are terribly hard – and I have my melt-down days – but declaring the truth about God is how I’ve learned to make that truth real in my life. Praying for you too!!

  3. Its good to hear that most thing are going well. Hopefully Al will get arrested and have a much needed “time out”. You sound strong and grateful, and those are both good things to be 🙂

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