Peaceful Resistance

I am watching the movie “Ghandi.” He is teaching about refusing to participate in that which is wrong, but also not adding to the wrong by attack. Only standing up for right in a nonviolent manner. In this way, those in the wrong are faced with their own brutality.

Is this similar to our role as families of addicts? Is it that, by refusing to accept heroin into our lives and homes, while not behaving toward the addict with anger or shame, but while drawing a clear and firm line against the drug or its use, we put them face to face with their own self-violence, and then the choice is theirs. Just thinking about this …..

4 responses to “Peaceful Resistance

  1. I believe you’re onto something here….pretty enlightening! I want to see that movie too….soon perhaps!

  2. I agree, I think your on to something here. I know for myself it takes self realization in order to desire change. It is only when I study myself and look deep inside that I am able to recognize how I can cause myself pain and suffering. It is through that realization that I choose to change. I know this for myself, yet I still believe at times that my realizations can change the will and perception of others… like the addict.
    Sometimes it is hard to accept that the choice is his, not mine.

    • Thanks for your comment, Kay4you. And thanks for the “Like” of this post. I agree that it’s very difficult to accept that our addicts have to be set free to make their choices. And yet it is true. You are in my prayers. 🙂

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