His Next Move, Pt. II

Update:  Al is hoping to be accepted into a sober living facility in either Kansas or Nebraska!  He is choosing not to try to come here or go back to Colorado.  If he accomplishes this, I will call it Check Mate and declare him a winner in this round.  God opens the doors, but we each have to walk through onto new paths.  And the boy is walking.  Amen!

5 responses to “His Next Move, Pt. II

  1. how awesome! God will lead the way as long as he wants to follow. Probably the best thing that he stays somewhere besides the two other choices. My thoughts are with your family. Hugs to you and continued blessings

  2. My son was at Valley Hope 3 times. Once in Norton and twice in Atchison.

    • onemomtalking

      I have appreciated the people at Valley Hope. They’ve been very supportive and helpful to us. I wish you all the best.

  3. So excited to hear the news! Our son decided too that he had to stay away from his old “stomping grounds” to facilitate his sobriety. It is a wise and good decision. Praying for you all…


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