Here I am, living a good life.  Troubles here and there – sure.  But no crises at the moment.  Daily beach walks.  New friends.  A (generally) peaceful household.  A part-time job in my field of expertise.  Friends and family visiting now and then.  A good life!

This morning, I realized one thing that I seem to have misplaced:  Silliness!!  Where are all the silly people?  Where’s the silly girl in me?  Ha – I’m not complaining.  Just smiling and thinking that it’s time to work some goofy fun into my life again.

What’s the silliest thing you’ve done lately?








2 responses to “Silliness

  1. I am planning a play date on Tuesday with my 3-year old neighbor kiddo. We love to be silly together. I never plan anything. I just wait for her to tell me what or who I need to be that day and when it is time for hide and seek.

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