Jump for Joy!

Gosh. I realize that I left everyone with that picture of grief. But my real message is … grieving is not the end! Grieving is something we should value because when we’re done, we are able to fully experience JOY! 

Do you know JOY? I’m not talking about that everyday happy feeling we get when we bite into a good slice of pizza or shop for a new pair of shoes.  I’m talking about the JOY that we have, always, in the core of us:  the joy that comes when you really know your Higher Power is walking with you.  We don’t always feel it, but it’s always there – waiting for us to decide that, despite our circumstances, we want that JOY to shine.

Am I a woman who walks with a constant glow of JOY?  I wish!  No, I’m human and we all have times when we look more like Ms. Grief.  But the more I focus on JOY … the more I define JOY and practice JOY … the more I know that there’s a light in every darkness.

Life is colorful!  Let’s enJOY it whenever we can.  Thanks for being here!

2 responses to “Jump for Joy!

  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post!

    God bless,

  2. AWESOME!! Thank You!!!

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