Just call me …

GRANDMA!  Yes, it’s true.  My 19 y.o. son who is living with his 19 y.o. girlfriend, both of them in recovery (and doing very well), just announced they are having a baby.  So in 2012, I will be a grandmother for the first time.

Since this news, I have seen a change in Al.  He seems more focused, more calm, and more upbeat than he’s been in awhile. It’s not as if the demands of his life have been removed. Far from it! But … I think he has, perhaps, a new sense of purpose.

Thankfully, my ex-husband and I, and Al’s girlfriends parents (who are also divorced) are all on board and ready to walk alongside them as they bring our newest family member into the world.  I pray that this child is born healthy, and that these new parents find the strength and support they need to walk their own healthy path.

Life goes on.  It sure does!  God bless!

2 responses to “Just call me …

  1. Congrats. My grandson is a blessing from above. Maybe this is what he needs. A purpose. Hope the baby will be healthy. Prayers for them coming

  2. Congratulations! Grandchildren are a reward for all we’ve endured as parents 🙂

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