Haven’t Got Time for the Pain

So I’m driving home from NYC the other day, listening to a CD of 70s songs that my sister put together for me — so I’d have plenty of singing time on the 12 hour drive back to South Carolina.  This song came on.  I’ve always been a Carly Simon fan, and I started to sing along.  Then … wait a minute.  I started it over and really listened to the words.  I had never realized that this is a song about coming to know God.  This is a song about recovery and meditation and the peace that passes all understanding. I never heard it that way before – always thought it was about a person. 

So here you go, everyone.  A message for all of us.  Let’s open up to our Higher Power and choose healing.  I hope you have a blessed day.  Although I’m not here very often, I continue to keep you in my prayers.  God bless.

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