The Spoons

I need advice:  A facebook “friend” (who is more of an acquaintance) recently posted “What happened to all my spoons?”  My first response was to private message her to suggest that there might be an addict in her midst. But I don’t know her very well.  My second thought was to casually ask, “Have your spoons always gone missing, or is this new misbehavior on their part?”  And then, depending on the answer, I would decide about initiating a private conversation.

So my question is:  Should I enter this further or should I mind my own business?

3 responses to “The Spoons

  1. If it was me, I would PM her and say “you know, that exact thing happened at my house!” The answer was my child, who wasn’t raised that way was using them to cook heroin. I’m not saying your child is an addict, but almost everyone I know who started missing their spoons found out their kid was using, I hope sincerely in this case, it is something else. Then I would list the normal signs…pinned eyes, nodding off etc. Good luck.

  2. Thanks, Dawn! I came to the same conclusion, but I did just need a little confirmation. I’d rather say something and be wrong than not say something and find out I could have helped her see the sign!

  3. It turned out that her daughter had been eating yogurt on the way to school each day and wasn’t bringing the spoons in from her car. But she was thankful that I shared my story on the chance that she was entering the Twilight Zone.

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