The Emotion Whisperer

Horse Whisperer-CT

Photo credit “Horse Whisperer”

I wrote and posted, “The Emotion Whisperer,” on my other blog yesterday (Growing Your Beautiful Life).  It is an important message for all of us who have children with addictions. During my first year or so of being a POA (Parent of Addict), my emotions clearly controlled me.  In my own recovery, I have learned that, while my emotions are a part of me, they do not lead me and they do not define me.

On the advice of a new friend, I am expanding my life coach work to include a specialization for coaching parents of addicts.  My life would be blessed if I can help you become “The Emotion Whisperer” in your own life – to forge a new path for yourselves and your families – to take the reigns, set boundaries and create a new road toward peaceful living again.

Please follow this link to read, “The Emotion Whisperer.”  If you’d like more information on my coaching work, click the “Contact Me” tab, above, and you can send me a private note.  Your communication comes my “onemomtalking” personal email address and will remain strictly confidential.

Much love and God’s peace to you all.


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