Love Wins!

Love WinsWishing you all a very blessed Easter.

I know it doesn’t feel blessed to many of you. Five years ago today, at this time (7:15AM), I was in a police station learning that my boys had been using heroin at a party.  It’s amazing to me that Easter is the anniversary of this journey for me. No wonder I’ve been tense these past few days.

But now – I’m off to church. Know you are all in my prayers. Know that Love Wins – if not in this life, then in the Great Beyond. Easter is our reminder that there’s more to life than what we can see. And that death holds no power over the beautiful spirit of life in all of us. LOVE has already won. Amen.


4 responses to “Love Wins!

  1. Amen. Yes Love has the power to break ALL chains.

    • Yes, Love does win in the end – or sooner if we choose to recognize it and let go of the pain. I read some of your blog posts. Thank you for your honesty and for changing the end of the story. God bless.

  2. Even though Easter is over I really like this especially when you said “…death hold no power over the beautiful spirit of life…” If we only knew the life that awaits us we all would eagerly walk in His love now. Chosen2God

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