“In the Rooms”

Hope Mountain SmallI live in a small coastal town near a small city in South Carolina.  We are bound by the ocean to the east and rural areas to the west and south.  There is one NarAnon group in the city and no others anywhere within reach – not for us and not for the smaller towns and cities in surrounding counties.

I work in a women’s recovery house and sometimes the parents call – especially the moms. Due to HIPAA, our privacy regulations are extensive and I usually cannot tell the parents any details about how their daughter is doing.  I talked to one mom who was sobbing on the other end of the phone, “What do I do? Will it ever be better?”  I was heartbroken.

I want to create a resource for parents but I don’t know how that looks yet.  In the meantime, I’ve discovered a website called “In the Rooms.”  I just joined and it looks great. You can attend a video NarAnon meeting, participate in meditation sessions, chat with other people and even get a sponsor.  If you have never checked it out, I recommend that you do. And if you’re there, look for me, “One Mom Talking.”

Lastly, if you have suggestions about how to build a program or network for parents, especially in rural areas, please share!

God bless!


One response to ““In the Rooms”

  1. Nice post. I know what you mean. I live in Bangladesh. There are no support groups for parents at all here. Quite honestly even if there were because of the disparity even among rehabs, I don’t know if I could go. At present, once your child is in rehab you are on your own. On the one hand there is peace in the house and on the other hand your child in rehab.

    The doctors really don’t tell me anything, but I get to hear her beg me to bring her home. How do I assess if she’s even ready without hearing anything from her doctors. Mind boggling and stressful.

    Anyway, sorry to digress here. In The Rooms was a great find. I also found Life Ring and the Asia group has Skype Group Meetings. I thought that was awesome, too. Last time my daughter came home, because it was not on the rehabs time frame she was not allowed support structure. So, finding Life Ring was great as a possible resource for my daughter when we do bring her home.

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