Let’s Link!

LinkWe are here to connect, support and pray for each other on this journey. I know I’m not following or promoting all of your blogs, and I’d like to be better at that.

If your blog is addiction-related or focused on personal/spiritual growth and healthy living, please share a link to your blog here. This way, we can all connect. I will link this to my twitter account as well – so it’s an opportunity to get your blog out there and widen your network.

Thanks for being here. Please LIKE this blog (if you haven’t yet). Then… share your link in a comment now.

2 responses to “Let’s Link!

  1. I will link with you. and what is the parents of addicts united? Thanks for your comment on my blog. on we keep marching huh, one day at a time.

  2. Parents of Addicts United is a group I started on intherooms.com. It’s a discussion group for parents of addicts so we can support each other in conversation in a little more direct way than through blogs. I also might take it into the real world eventually. I want to reach out to parents of addicts in a personal way in rural areas where there are no formal groups – but it’s still in the conceptual stage 🙂 Thanks for connecting!

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