Quiet Time and Gratitude

Tonight I am having quiet time for the first time in a long time.  A long bubble bath.  Some quiet music.  No TV or stereo.  Played the piano.  Meditated on a reading in “A Course in Miracles.”  I am enjoying the silence.

I also spent some time on a website I want to recommend:  www.gratefulness.org.  It’s a nice, restful place to visit online. 

Here’s a quote I read tonight that made me smile:  “Creating is the opposite of loss.” (ACIM)  Perhaps that’s part of what we parents-of-addicts are doing here.   Taking creative action in opposition to our loss. 

I wish you all a wonderful evening.  I hope everyone out there can find something to be grateful for as this day draws to a close.

~One Mom Talking~

2 responses to “Quiet Time and Gratitude

  1. Sounds like lovely evening. I like Course in Miracles but gave my set of them away…I am grateful that my son is being evaluated for the right meds.

  2. Thanks for the website suggestion. I like quiet, too.

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