Beauty in Wisdom

I am happy today, after a long break from online writing, to post something that has nothing to do with heroin or addiction or any of that.  Today I was introduced to a blog, created by a new online friend.  The blog is titled “Beauty in Wisdom” and it is the result of a photographer’s journey into the beauty of aging.  Well thank goodness someone is doing this!  I have been so disappointed to see aging women trying to look like they are young girls.  It really hit me the last time I saw Marlo Thomas on the tv news.  Sure, I can understand a little “nip and tuck” but this is ridiculous. 

I’m concerned about the message our younger generations are receiving when so few women in the public eye are willing to grow old gracefully and allow the wisdom of their age to shine through their eyes…to allow the wisdom of their age and the incredible experiences of their lives give life to wrinkled skin so that it can be seen as BEAUTIFUL.  There is beauty in aging.  There is beauty in wisdom that only comes with age. 

Anyway — please check out, and if you appreciate RobbieKaye’s wonderful work as much as I do, let her know it.  Let’s support each other wherever and whenever we can.  Thanks!

4 responses to “Beauty in Wisdom

  1. Beauty in aging. I like that. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks.

  2. You said it all! Wisdom does come with age and older women that can still smile are much more beautiful than those with plastic looking faces. Its very sad. I will go check out this blog…

  3. Thanks for the post.
    Yes, there is beauty in aging.. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be a celebrity. A lot of times their faces are what sell a product, movie, or cause. Once their faces begin to not sell like they used to then the pressure must be there.

  4. Thanks for posting about RobbieKaye’s blog…I will check it out! I hope you will take time out to visit my blog at
    I am praying for your family.

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