She came in through the bathroom window ….

My daughter, Cathy, is 15.  She has been on the couch for three days now with an injured hip.  (Find story in earlier post “Family Night?”)  The pain meds are not helping. 

The weird thing is … there is no bruise at all.  How could that be??

The other issue:  my daughter is 5’6″ and 105 lbs.  Most women in my family are tall and thin, so that’s not so strange.  But she has awful eating habits.  She doesn’t like to sit at the table for dinner.  She eats mostly sugar and carbs (bread, noodles, some cereal).  She eats dry packets of instant oatmeal.  Ew.

Today I went in her purse to get her ipod headphones for her.  I found a plastic sandwich bag with stool softeners.  They are the over-the-counter type.  Generic.  I can imagine that she might need them due to the lack of fiber in her diet.  But I also worry about eating disorders.  This isn’t the best time to deal with it, with the hip issue going on.  But I’m not sure what to do next with her.  Certainly she’s been under a lot of stress, like alls of us, with the drug issues that went on here over the past year with her brothers. 

Just needed to type it out.  As I type, I’m seeing a situation that calls for mild intervention.  Maybe the school counselor.  Maybe teen alanon.  Maybe a few sessions with a private counselor if I can get her to go. 


7 responses to “She came in through the bathroom window ….

  1. Having a daughter, I always worried about eating disorders – the teenagers do such crazy diet stuff, or, use in our case, use her lunch money for other things, then come home and eat after school. I’ve never heard of stool softeners for eating disorders – unless she thought they were laxatives or water pills – but what do I know!?
    I will say, I wish so bad I had taken Heather to Ala-Teen (due to her father). I don’t know if Cathy would go, but it’s worth a try. Often there’s an Al-Anon meeting going on at the same time/place.
    God bless.

  2. Don’t get me started on how the media and fashion industry influences young girls to want to be too thin. That aside, it can’t hurt to ask her what they are for and see how she reacts (defensive, matter of fact, ashamed, angry). I hope its nothing. Ala-Teen would be good either way.

    Her poor hip is probably bruised on the inside, hope she feels better soon. Did the dr. say to put ice on it? I love ice for pain and use it daily, it helps.

  3. She reacted defensively but she said she just needed them for their stated purpose but felt embarrassed to tell me. I looked online and see nothing inferring that this product is ever misused in the way I was thinking about. I think I’m just paranoid after everything that’s gone on with the boys.

  4. Connie,

    I read a comment you left on Debby’s blog over at oxycontin and opiate addiction. I came by to visit your blog and this post strikes home with me in so many ways!

    I have four children, two boys, two girls. The boys are older. They both had issues with drugs. One went to Teen Challenge.

    My youngest daughter (now 18) went through a time whe she was 15 where she lost so much weight her menstrual cycle stopped. I feared an eating disorder. I’d love to talk with you about it via email, if you’ll send me a note. You can reach me at

    Praying for your family,

  5. Addicts use stool softeners. So, think about all possibilities – not just diet. Take care.

  6. Please dont let it go. I with I would have questioned every little thing. Maybe I would have stopped my daughter before the oxycontin and heroin. I deleted your email address by mistake. Please email me again. We have family session on Wed. Wish us luck and I hope your daughter is ok.

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