Yes He Can

Everyone was very helpful in responding to my last comment.  Thanks!  Someone posed the ever-present question, “Don’t you think he can handle it himself?”  I always thought my answer was yes.  But I realize that, no, I wasn’t so sure he could handle anything himself.  Al’s always been a bit dependent on me.  And I am just now realizing how much I fed that dependence. 

When I called him to discuss his legal issues, I was all geared up to give him the bad news that I would not take care of this for him.  I never had the chance!  Because he took responsibility right away!  “I talked to my counselor about that this afternoon,” he said. “He’s going to help me contact the courts and set a new date so I don’t have to interrupt my rehab.” 

Every now and then I realize just how codependent I have been…and how much I enable and don’t even realize it!  We’re all learning.  And my most important lesson this week is: “Yes He Can!”

4 responses to “Yes He Can

  1. Good for Al and good for you mom!!! Yes, this is a learn as you go kind of thing for sure!! Glad Al stepped up, it’s good growth for him!

  2. You have some powerful and moving blog posts! Addiction is a challenging problem, and your site offers hope that is badly needed. Good work –


    • onemomtalking

      Thanks, John. Thanks for visiting and for your comment. It’s a tough road, but we’re walking it together as best we can.

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