Overdose Confirmed

Just to follow up on my last post – we have confirmation that Al OD’d. I believe it’s because he had not been using for almost five months; so when he did finally use, his body couldn’t handle it.  It was his first payday since he started working.  He got a hefty check (from his perspective), and he had worked 40 hours in three days, so he was overtired and stressed.  There you have the ingredients for a slip.  And yes, right now we’re all calling it a “slip.”  One use after five months does not a relapse make.  It all depends what happens from here.

Thanks for your support everyone!  God bless!

3 responses to “Overdose Confirmed

  1. I am praying for him and your family, Here is a hug from far away

    • onemomtalking

      Thank you, my friend. He went home from the hospital today but is still very tired. time will tell…

  2. I totally agree, there’s a big difference between a slip and a relapse. I hope that this was a powerful reminder to him of how dangerous drugs are. I’m glad he’s okay.

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