The Mourning Shall Rejoice

So my last post was a mournful one. Self-pity. Whaddya gonna do?

This post is rejoiceful!  My son, Dan, now 21 years old, completed his 1.5 year program in Recovery Court!  Yesterday they had a court hearing for all the Recovery Court people. And when it was Dan’s turn, lo and behold, he was greeted by: his current judge, his original judge, his parole officer, his counselor, his NarAnon sponsor, the people who worked in the jail when he was there, even the prosecuting attorney.  Even the judge’s clerk … and it was her day off.  They all came to congratulate Dan on a job well done and to give testimony, on the record, of what an inspiration it has been to watch him grow and heal.

I wish I could have been there. But his dad was there, which is good. I’m tearing up just writing it.

In this case, for my boy, “The System” worked.  The system I often railed against came through, partly because the program is a good one – a real example of the “it takes a village” philosophy.  So I hope that program continues to be supported.  But the program only works because of the people who run it.  They did their jobs with heart, and they — plus the hand of God — saved my son’s life.  And he has touched theirs as well.

I’ll write an official letter to someone there to express this, but I want to say it here: Thanks to all public officials who are in their positions for the right reasons, doing the best they can for everyday citizens.  Whatever I end up owing the IRS…it’s nothing compared to the gratitude I owe to all the people who walked beside my son at a time when I had to walk away.

God bless us all.

4 responses to “The Mourning Shall Rejoice

  1. Wow ! ! Thank you for sharing this wonderful news ! I’m so happy for your son,… & you ! Recovery court should be everywhere ! God bless him in his continuing recovery.

  2. That is such good news. You must be so releived.

    God bless you and thank you for sharing.


  3. Let me begin by expressing my appreciation for your site. Today I was led here (again) and am wallowing in grief over an event that is still in process, does not look like the solution I wish it to be and I can’t pull myself out of the muck and mire. Your stories are so honest it is a place I can let down my hair along with my sadness, that it appears no matter what successes my son has had, the courts are just not going to let go of him.

    The only good feeling I have today is that he is alive, he is in enforced sobriety which I can only hope and pray is permanent a day or an hour at a time. Having completed a year of far away “timeout” he was released early to return home to face some charges that the system ignored, despite his sending writs which were apparently ignored by anyone who has the authority to act upon them.

    Your son’s success gives me hope for my own. As a spiritual being, I’m taught to think positively, but today it is eluding me. I welcome comments and tips for not “going there” but I’m not sure what it would take to life me out of the land of hopelessness in a world where everyone complains jails and prisons are overly populated and the legal beagles can’t wait to stuff them back in. ~ Geri

    • Geri, I am so sorry for your struggles! I sent you a private email. But please keep looking through this blog – and the others – there are many of us here online. We know your pain, and we are here for you. God bless!

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