One Mom Talking 2011

I’m making a new commitment to this blog for 2011.  It’s not a resolution exactly.  Let’s call it a “Plan of Good Intention.”  Here ‘s what you can expect from One Mom Talking over the coming months:

  • Signs and Symptoms of heroin (and other drug) use by young people
  • A parent’s plan of action (what to do once you know)
  • Keeping siblings safe
  • Hope for healing: A Spiritual Perspective
  • Rehab options (private and public)
  • Addiction and the Department of Corrections
  • Speaking Engagements (I might develop a presentation to take to schools and parent groups)
  • Getting us together (reponses to my initial survey showed that parents of addicts yearn for a chance to meet each other in an organized setting)

This year, you will be able to easily share your favorite OMT posts on facebook, twitter or by email (buttons should be easily visible with each post).   One Mom Talking will be on facebook soon as well.  Reaching in and reaching out.   God bless!

7 responses to “One Mom Talking 2011

  1. Wishing you a blessed 2011. Looking forward to your upcoming posts!

  2. This sounds wonderful. What a way to help parents and others. I wish I knew the signs long before I found out. Thanks for what you do. Talk to you soon. Hugs to you

  3. Thanks ladies! I’m great at making a plan. It’s the carrying through that sometimes gets me. I figure it’s worth a try.

  4. I am a mother of 2 boys, ages 17 and 14. Both have experimented extensively (and I believe are in danger of being addicts). They have both been diagnosed with mental illness and are on medication. I myself am a recovering drug addict and can see the road they are heading on. I have been CAS since May 15, 1986. My husband is also a recovering addict, although it has taken him longer to reach sobriety. He has been CAS for 2 years now. My husband is also bipolar and not on treatment. Needless to say, my home is extremely chaotic. I feel so much alone and in a constant battle every day with trying to deal with all the scenarios that go on. I have to work 2 jobs in order to maintain a home which leaves me with very little time and energy. I feel overwhelmed, helpless and angry that because of my husband’s condition, I don’t have support to help with my children. Every one says to leave him but would you leave some who was sick with cancer? What’s the difference between mental illness and something like that? I’m so lost. There’s so much more I can write, but I have to get ready to go to work. What else is new. Just venting a little and wondering if there is anyone else out there who might have a similar circumstance.

    • There are many people here in similar circumstances. We will all keep you and your family in our prayers! I’m so sorry to hear what you’re going through! Check out the blogs on my blogroll to start and you can find many of us joining together for support.
      Are you receiving any kind of public assistance or rehab help for your boys? Is there someone professional where you and your husband got help when you were kicking drugs? If your boys are using drugs as teens, they need help. I urge you to call a hotline to start. Also, NarAnon or AlAnon – for help for yourself to stay sane with all that you’re handling. Sometimes, you have to leave to take care of yourself – sometimes not. Let me know if you need resources for rehab or mental health assistance.

  5. Thank you for sharing all that you share. I am not a mother of an addict, I am in love with one. I have recently asked someone to be my sponsor in Al-Anon. She is the mother of my boyfriends best friend. My boyfriend is the friend that wasn’t allowed around, like you wrote in one of your posts. She has told me stories of her son randomly like you saw your son in the mall. Today her son is around 5 years clean of heroin. My boyfriend relapsed, he is now just over 90 days in recovery. It means a lot to me to find this blog. Thank you.

    • You’re welcome, Javanova. I’m so glad you are in Al-Anon. My son’s girlfriend has been the sweetest, most supporting person. Even after she had to break up their dating relationship, she continued to visit him in jail and such. We each do what we can; I’m glad you’re taking care of yourself. My son is also just over 90 days in recovery. It’s a very good start. God bless you. Keep comin’ back! 🙂

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