Rehab and Hope

If anyone is in the western or midwestern U.S. and needs a rehab for a loved one, one place you might try is one of the Valley Hope facilities.  With locations in Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska, the Valley Hope Association offers residential rehab for alcoholics and addicts, including medically monitored detox, full-time and part-time care, aftercare, etc.  Here’s the link to their map of locations:

Many of us have talked about rehabs and hope – sometimes saying they offer hope, sometimes saying they offer false hope.  Today I’m thinking, maybe it’s our expectations – and/or the expectations of the addicts – that need adjusting.  Both of my boys have been to Valley Hope facilities, and our experience there has been a good one.  But we all need to understand something that every rehab we’ve experienced has taught us:  The 30-day stint is just the beginning.  It is “hope” in that it gives us a glimpse of the possible.  But they tell us that this really just sets the stage for the truly difficult long-term work of the addict to maintain sobriety.

I’m not sure of my main point here.  I guess I want to publicly express thanks to the Valley Hope Association for helping me and my family in many ways; to say that I have no idea what Al’s latest round of 30-day rehab will do for him or not do for him, but I’m hopeful.  I’m hopeful that these 30 days will be a good experience…will maybe plant 30 more days of good life in his heart and brain.  I know he might come out and go right back to the street.  And that he might come out and do okay.  This time, I am putting aside expectations and just doing what I think is right today.

I’m glad he’s there.  And I’m glad those caring people are there to be with him.  And I really need to go to sleep!  Goodnight all, have a good weekend.  I wish us all rest.

One response to “Rehab and Hope

  1. I believe that everything an addict experiences which pooints them in the direction of recovery (rehab, professional counseling, AA, work with a sponsor) becomes a part of them and hopefully everything will all come together for them in God’s time. That has not happened for my son yet, but I refuse to give up hope. Yes, we have been through our share of rehabs, but I never felt any of his time spent in rehab was a waste.

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