Parents of Addicts United

PoAUnitedThis is the name I’m using (in addition to “One Mom Talking”) for my efforts to provide support to parents of addicts: “Parents of Addicts United.”  If you’re interested in having some other ways to communicate with each other besides through our blog posts, I have one new option:

“Parents of Addicts United” discussion group on  You probably have to sign up on the website to view the group – I’m not sure. But it’s a good and safe place to meet for conversation.

I’d like to form a secret facebook group as well, but that will have to wait until the weekend. (Plus, I need a few people to invite first. So if you’re interested, send me a note with your full name so I can invite you!).  Secret groups on facebook are great because no one can see the list of members except a member; and the only way to become a member is to be invited. I know that makes it a little hard for outreach, but it preserves anonymity, which is important.

That’s all for my report of the day. Be well, my friends. Do something for yourself this week, just for fun. Remember fun? It’s still out there just waiting for us to open up to it a bit.  Choose life. Your life. Because you’re still here and you can add blessings and joy to the world.

3 responses to “Parents of Addicts United

  1. It is so sad that there are so many of us with children that are addict. I don’t know whether it makes me sadder, or feel supported to know I am not alone.

    • Melanie, I agree! It helps to have the support and to talk with people who understand my experiences. But it surely is sad to know there are so many of us. Thanks for checking in. I’m planning on writing more in 2015.

  2. It is so sad, frustrating, scary,,an emotional roller coaster,,having an adult child who is addicted. I am thankful for finding some support, & hopefully she will find her way out of this awful life.

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