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How about a Makeover?

Do you recognize this face?  I’m a big “What Not to Wear” fan and now, Clinton Kelly is partnering with Macy’s for the “Million Dollar Makeover” contest.  Honestly, some of you out there probably need this more than I do.  I decided to enter.

I was a little nervous about doing this.  Because – you know – you have to “tell your story” to enter.   They ask about your challenges in life — the most difficult issues you’ve faced recently.  And I wrote that my boys had problems with drugs.  But then I thought, maybe I shouldn’t have. 

Okay, what’s the chance that I would be selected as a finalist anyway.  But this is my crazy mind.  I think, what if I did get chosen as a finalist.  What would you do?  Tell your story (and hence your child’s story) to the world, or say, nah, keep the million!  More good than bad to be had there, I think.  But I guess it’s an issue that doesn’t exist yet.

Also, though, I thought I’d give you all a heads-up.  Because maybe someone else out there would like to try for this.  Wouldn’t it be nice to at least be able to afford a quality rehab for your child if s/he needed it?  Or take a vacation just to b-r-e-a-t-h-e ? It’s a dream.  And dream we must.  You can enter here if you want to:    Have a great day!

Yoga for Stress

Do any of you use yoga or other fitness routines to help eleviate your stress?  I have not yet stuck with anything, but I’m at least interested in yoga and a lady at my church is going to start a class there. 

Here’s a good article listing the benefits of yoga.  Take a look:

32 Unusual Benefits of Yoga. | elephant journal.

Parents of Addicts: Conference Survey Results!

At the end of September, I posted a link to a survey to gauge your interest in attending a conference created specifically for parents of addicts.   I want to give you all a detailed report of the results as step one to revisiting this idea. 

First, a great big THANK YOU to the 17 people who took the time to respond to the survey.  I greatly appreciate you! 

Here are the results:

  • Personal stats:  17 people answered the survey.  Most of us have 2 or 3 children.  Two people said they have one child, and one has 4 or more (bless you!).
  • Our addicts:  94 percent of you have one child in your family who is an addict.  One person has two.  That’s probably me.
  • Travel:  46% of you (7) are willing to travel in-state to attend a conference; 33% (5) said you’d attend a regional conference; one person said they are willing to travel anywhere in the U.S. for the event.
  • Time and Money:  33% said you can arrange the time and the money to go.  Four people have time but need money (we can potentially help with this).  Four have money but need time (this is harder).
  • TOPICS:  Here are your topical interests, starting with highest preference.  Keep in mind that this is a limited list of topics that I thought would be interesting.  At the end, I’ve listed two additional topics suggested by respondents.  I really like them – and if I was to redo this survey (which I might) I would add both for voting.
  1. Social Networking with Other Parents
  2. Rehab Options and Financial Assistance
  3. Family Therapy; Science of Addiction; Info on Specific Drugs/Adddictions; Networking with Addiction professionals
  4. Fun/Relaxing Activites
  5. Warning Signs of Drug Use (I guess if we’re attending, we know these already!)

Additional Suggestions:

Warning Signs for Relapse
Sessions about/for Siblings of Addicts

I’ll be posting soon regarding NEXT STEPS.  Please watch for that post because I’d sure appreciate everyone’s input to questions I’ll be asking. 

Thanks for being here and, as always:  God Bless!


Preventing Relapse | Addiction Management

“The successful person has the habit of doing things failures don’t like to do, they don’t like doing them either necessarily. But their disliking is subordinated to the strength of their purpose.” – E.M. Gray

Interesting.  I have just entered the field of real estate sales in South Carolina.   My sales coach used this quote at the very beginning of training session #1 as he explained the difference between the 10% of salespeople who make 90% of the sales – and everybody else.

Today, I found this same quote opening an article on addiction management.  This confirms for me something I’ve become to realize:  the formula for success is very much the same, whatever your goal, and whatever your psychological condition.  Overweight due to inactivity?  Get up and exercise.  Lonely due to shyness?  Go out to social events.  Not making enough sales?  Call that list of contacts you feel too nervous to call.  Experienced an addiction relapse? [fill in the blank] 

This is not to make light of any of these things.  Some surely are easier than others.  But the underlying theory is the same — hence the quote showing up in my life in two very different contexts.

Below is a link to an article that helped me frame my thinking about relapse.  This article, and the site overall, is worth your time.  Please take a look and tell me what you think!  God bless!

Preventing Relapse | Addiction Management.

Selfless Acts of Service

One of the best ways to get our focus off of problems and worries is to turn our attention the service of others.  Here’s a list of simple ways to brighten other lives and spread some light in the world:

Click here for acts of selfless service for 2011

via Click here for acts of selfless service for 2011.

MY RIGHTS – Questionnaire (25-48)

Hi friends.  I really like this list of rights that I saw on  It was written for Adult Children of Alcoholics – but I surely believe it pertains to us parents of addicts, and anyone else who has an addict in their life.  I’m having trouble posting the actual list here, but here’s the link to the full blog posting:  MY RIGHTS – Questionnaire (25-48).  So check it out.  Good site!

After Hours

It’s 4:30 AM.  This is the time when even bars are closed.  After hours.  But here I am.  I fell asleep easily last night at 10:30 PM.  I’ve been doing well with sleep — going to bed earlier, getting off the computer, deep breathing, staying away from the end-of-the-night glass of wine.  So I was pleased last night, dozing off without a hitch.

And then I woke up.  Bright-eyed.  I expected it to be early morning … maybe 4:30 or 5:00.  But it was only two; I’ve been up since then.

My first response was frustration.  Then worry – not about anything particulary – just that low-lying fog of worry familiar to parents of addicts, but of which I hope never to grow fond.  I played computer games.  Attempted to pray.  Tried meditation.   Watched the clock.

Finally, I decided to just be awake.  For tonight, three hours sleep might just have to be enough.  So here I am.  Instead of fretting the long dark night away, I might as well do something useful and visit my friends in the land of the blogs.  I know I’m not the only one up in the middle of the night.  And maybe someone needs a hug.

So here’s to you all – a big hug:  {{{{{{{Fellow Travellers}}}}}}}}.  God is with us and will carry us through.  And on the off chance I fall asleep 20 minutes before my alarm rings, I’ll try to stay grateful for a little gift called the afternoon nap.  Sweet dreams, my friends.  Sweet dreams.